Spiritual Direction, Supervision, and Leading Quiet Days

The Ministry of Spiritual Direction

What is this?

It is an ancient practice of sharing your spiritual journey with someone more experienced who can listen at depth with you to help you discern the movement of the Spirit in your life.

The Celts called this person: Anam Cara – a soul friend.

How might this be useful to me?

If any of the following describes your experience, then committing to meeting regularly with a trained guide can help you recover/maintain a sense of focus, deepen your spiritual life, and provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which to explore your questions and experiences.  Perhaps you

  • sense your prayer/spiritual practices need to change but don’t know how
  • are going through a major life change which is raising questions about meaning and purpose for you
  • are not sure what to believe any more
  • feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis
  • are struggling with spiritual issues following trauma
  • have lost touch with the sense of God/the divine
  • simply want companionship on this journey

    Which way? signpost

If so, or for some other reason, then please do get in touch to arrange an initial Zoom call about what you are looking for and how I might be able to best accompany you.  Of course, our spiritual lives are not separate from any other part of our life, and so engaging in spiritual direction can bring a sense of wholeness to life: one of its fruits is often a deeper sense of fulfilment, joy, and purpose.

It may be useful to know that whilst the ministry is called ‘spiritual direction’, I am not being directive: I am accompanying you to find your own direction.  However, I may offer some signposts along the way.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Spiritual Direction enquiry


Supervision for Spiritual Directors

If you are already a Spiritual Director and are looking for supervision, then I would be pleased to have an initial Zoom call to explore this with you.  Please contact me Enquiry re supervision

Quiet Day Leading

I welcome enquiries to lead Quiet Days on a wide range of topics.  I am an experienced Quiet Day leader and enjoy shaping a day to meet your requirements.

However, if you need some inspiration, here is a small selection of the range of days I have done:

  • St Bernard and the Cistercians
  • St Bernard and his love of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Mary and some of the flowers that tell her story
  • Seeing with the Eye of the Heart (exploring prayer, photography, and some sayings from the saints)
  • Any one of Alan Pascuzzi’s sculptures (Lazarus, my strength, faith, reaching, he falls for the third time) See here: Alan Pascuzzi
  • Catherine of Siena: gentleness and social action
  • Hildegard of Bingen: Fire and the greening power of the Holy Spirit/Feather on the breath of God
  • Water in the Desert

I have offered Quiet Days to a range of groups including: chaplains, deaneries, spiritual directors, parishes, prayer groups, and new monastic groups.  I enjoy creating something that will be relevant to your particular group, so please Enquiry re Leading a Quiet Day  to discuss ideas and availability.