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Contemplative Camera

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Colour photography:

Glyn Davies

Joe Cornish

David Herrod

Ansel Adams


Inspirational Quotes:


‘Keep head, eyes and heart focussed in the same direction.‘

Henri Cartier Bresson


‘Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.’  

Ansel Adams


Inspirational images ...

Contemplative Camera, celebrates creativity, beauty, and intrigue.  


You are invited through these pages to

  • delight in the North Wales landscape
  • discover how photography can enrich prayer, and how the disciplines of prayer can enhance photography.  


These pages may intrigue you as the story of photographers is woven together with sayings of the Christian mystics, providing welcome moments of reflection and stillness as we learn to watch and wait for ‘the decisive moment’ as Henri Cartier Bresson termed it. 

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