Landscapes - of the soul

‘I feel like that often: that the outer landscape is the reflection of the inner’ so wrote Etty Hillesum in 1942. This might equally be a description of Contemplative Camera‘s practise. Etty discovered that being attentive to this dynamic helped her to deal with the emotional turmoil of her life as a Jew lived under Nazi rule, enabling her to live from that which was ‘deepest and best’.

Each day there is an invitation to walk with intention and to be attentive to that which is outside you and yet seeks connection with your inner life.  Let this be your focus for a few minutes, or hours, or the whole day … Listen to its whisper or be stirred into action by its force …

These images were created in part by some astute planning using weather, tide, and sunrise/sunset apps but were primarily about a deep connection to the landscape that elicited a felt response of awe at the beauty and sometimes the power of nature.

I invite you to take your time to scroll through these images. If there was a landscape to describe your soul just now, which would it be?  Spend some time with the one that speaks most deeply to you.  It might be useful to journal or draw your response…

Mounted or framed prints will shortly be available direct from here.

Images are available to purchase. Mounted and framed images are printed on archival quality paper, with acrylic glazing and a standard hanging kit.

  • 95 – Framed print 12 x 12 inches plus p&p
  • 120 – Framed print 18 x 12 inches plus p&p
  • 18 – Folded A5 card x 6 with envelopes
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