Royal Photographic Society ‘Frontiers’ Project

Royal Photographic Society ‘Frontiers’ Project in collaboration with the North Wales Photographic Alliance

I was intrigued by the project title!  I was drawn to the site between Conwy Castle, the river Gyffin, and the road to Treffriw, because much of this space has been derelict for years.  Before the castle was built there was a freedom of easy movement between home and sources of food: fish from the rivers Gyffin and Conwy, and fruit from the ancient orchard.  Now the  towering, imposing walls create a massive frontier, forcing people to ignore the flow of the river, to literally overlook a very wide variety of plants, insects, and birds.  It is the photographer who pays attention and shows us what we neglect.

Conwy Castle and its walls, impeding easy access to productive land and the flow of the river for fishing

The resilience of nature, breaking through our efforts to tile over and/or litter

Concrete steps: a human construct to, seemingly, nowhere.

The ancient orchard: outside the town walls

The River Gyffin in full flow at high tide: salty water meets fresh water, and there is abundance.

But who notices wildness and fruitfulness, as they traverse a small bridge, park their car and dash into the town?

With thanks to the Royal Photographic Society and the North Wales Photographic Alliance for support of this project.  To see other artists’ work please visit: