Contemplative Camera | Landscape - coast and countryside
I am fortunate to live in the stunning landscape of North Wales where most of these images are taken. In Macro work, and sometimes in life, we tend to obsess about detail. The discipline of landscape photography is to literally get us out of the office, to experience the freedom from detail and a liberation, hopefully, into the joy of the big picture where details make sense, or are superfluous. The discipline is to know the landscape, to sometimes go and intentionally explore even without the camera, so that the terrain becomes known. There is discipline in checking sunrise and sunset times and angles, as well as the weather app and the tide app to be in the right photographic place at the optimum time. The inner attentiveness is to know what the soul needs and to then go to that place so that the soul can be healed, released, cleansed, celebrated or be in a place to quietly contemplate. Where do you most need to be and how do you need to be today?
Heart of SnowdoniaWinter sunrisePerfect StillnessNewborough BeachHollowed outWashed cleanDramatic skiesLlanddwyn IslandWindblownDay's End