Contemplative Camera | Monochrome - landscapes and nature
Monochrome images invite a different way of seeing. The discipline is to see perhaps more of the essence of what is before you. What is the shape or the texture and what message will be communicated more strongly without the colour?
Monochrome invites us to learn the discipline of seeing beyond the surface appearance in order to respond more honestly to the form that is before us.
It requires a deeper degree of attentiveness because we have to attend to what we don't see. The colour is before us. We need to see beyond that in order to be clear what it is that we wish to communicate. Photographing in black and white sharpens our awareness of the focus, the real point, of the image.
Tumbling into stillnessAbergwyngregn FallsRheadr Ogwen FallsFinding a wayAt rest ...Wild goatTime for a cuddleCeltic CrossCeltic Cross DesignsEndless flowIlluminated fernsTeaselThreeIMG_6752Poppy seed headsHalf and halfFocussedStanding tallThrough the doorwayChain bridge