Contemplative Camera | Macro - Nature
Nature images are often the best when taken with a macro lens because this gives a 1:1 representation on a full frame camera. This enables us to see detail really clearly. Macro images of fungi and flowers particularly, can be well planned and unhurried as they are not going anywhere. However, bees and butterflies, are more unpredictable! There is a discipline to macro photography that requires great care as the focussing ability of the lens means that any camera shake can be very evident. It can be tempting to go out just with the camera but macro images usually require a tripod if you are aiming for it to be pin sharp. This also means a discipline in moving your camera/tripod and your own body around to get the best possible angle such as lying on the ground to be on the same plane as your subject.
The photographer needs to pay particular attention to the detail that they want to be sharp, and this means choices about depth of field and focal points. There also needs to be attentiveness to my relationship with the subject. How close or far away do I want to be?
Pearl bordered fritillaryCinnabar mothComma butterflyMeadow brownSmall copperGreen veined whiteDusky Sallow Moth on KnapweedFemale Brimstonespeckled Wood ButterflySmall tortoiseshellSilver Y MothPainted ladyRingletMarbled white butterflyRed AdmiralCommon Blue butterfly