Contemplative Camera was created in 2006 by Susan Blagden, who is a priest working as a Tutor for St Padarn's Institute, Church in Wales.

Susan delights in the disciplines of photography and prayer, finding that they are mutually enriching.  The daily practice of both, contribute to ongoing learning and day-to-day well-being.

She has a Diploma in Photography (Photography Institute) 2013 with Advanced Modules in Landscape and Travel photography (highly commended) 2014 and in Wildlife - ("One of the best portfolios seen") 2016.  

Susan's 'Daily Delight' project, where she posts a daily photograph, can be accessed via the link below.

Susan is also an experienced Retreat and Quiet Day leader, a Spiritual Director and an Oblate of the Community of St Mary the Virgin.  She welcomes comments on her images - please see the guestbook.  If you would like to discuss anything on the site with her,  including the leading of Quiet Days and Retreats, please do so through the 'Contact' page.  Thank you.

May the exploration of these images, and the creation of your own, enrich your own prayer and photography.