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Susan Blagden

Susan Blagden – Founder of Contemplative Camera

Why Contemplative Camera?  Like so many areas of our Western lives, photography has become a consumer industry.  We ‘take’ photographs; ‘snap’ a selfie; and ‘grab’ a shot.  This is in sharp contrast to the early days of the photographic art form when an image was created.  The process was slow.  It required time.  It merited attention to detail.

Since 2008 Contemplative Camera has been weaving together the ancient practices of prayer and photography.  

I have been out with my camera every day for ten years now seeking to discover an image that gives me the gift of ‘daily delight’.  This means I go out with the intention to be surprised. 

This helps me pay attention not only to the big picture of where I am walking but to the often tiny movements or flashes of light on the periphery of my vision. 

These two together then draw me to a point of focus where I seek to receive and create an image that captures something of the meaning of that moment for me.  So intention, attention, and focus have become the guides for my contemplative photography as well as my prayer.

May you be drawn into stillness and wonder as you take time to engage with the images on this site:

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About me

I am privileged to be able to weave together my photography, coaching, and spirituality into a way of life.  I am a lifelong learner and my photographic skills have been strengthened through daily practice as well as through gaining Advanced Diplomas in Landscape Photography, as well as Wildlife Photography.  I am a member of my local Camera Club where the speakers and competitions keep me learning too.